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Merry Christmas

In the wind down to Christmas we have been busy running tour guide training, testing tours, writing information for tourists and gathering material for a grant application for a tourism information centre. Work is going along nicely and the community seem to be very happy with what we have been doing. We hope our efforts will result in many happy tourists departing Ambrym and spreading the news of this amazing place to their friends back home.

tour guide training.jpg
(Happy tour guides)

Below is a photo of our newly accredited tour guides who over two days gained practical experience in welcoming tourists, good hygiene, developing tours, and presenting information to tourists in an informative and interesting manner. We were lucky enough to have the story of our tour guide training picked up by the national newspaper of Vanuatu with a half page spread and photo.

Cyclone season is upon us and the owner of our Bungalow organized a renovation to make our Bungalow Cyclone Proof. Apparently if you tie green coconut leaves to the roof they help to keep the roof on in the event of a cyclone. The locals seem very confident about this technique, although we will be very happy not to have to test it out. We will both be pretty scared should a cyclone come.

bungalow c..vations.jpg
(Cyclone proofing our bungalow)

The weather is still so hot. Some days it can be completely still for hours on end and when you lay down for your midday nap you drip with sweat. On these occasions our hand fans and cold showers offer a brief respite. When the rain comes it offers relief and its nice to fall asleep to the sound of it on the thatch roof of our bungalow. The mosquitos have really kicked in and we are in the routine of wearing repellant and burning mosquito coils most of the time.

Kids are in school holiday mode now. There is no cinemas, nintendos, or bowling alleys here so kids entertain themselves by using rubber sling shots (to kill flying foxes and birds for a midday snack), playing cards, swimming or kicking around a ball.

boys with slings.jpg
Laan behind, then Walter, Jomai and Donal in front on the hunt

We were having a nice evening walk recently when we came across a large group of families sitting by the water. We took out our camera out to take photos of a few kids in the water which caused a stampede as every kid in a 50m radius bolted for the water to be in the photo. It was hard to get the right shot so in the end we settled for a group photo on the beach.

kids on beach.jpg
After the stampede.

And now the Christmas message from the Queen. Na just kidding…..

We hope you all have a beautiful Christmas with your friends and family. Make sure to have a cold beverage, a nice cut of tender meat and fruit mince pie in honour of us! We love you all, miss you heaps and look forward to our return to OZ in September 06.

xmas hats.jpg

Posted by pippamatt 21:13

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hi guys
sorry i have not talked in a while i forgot my password. any way im so glad to here you are havin a great time i wish i was in another country well its hot here. finished school finally i did good matt 7th in the year in science on 88 % i was happy did i tell u im doin agriculture well anyway i came first on 97% so im happy there. i hope your chrissy is great. oh yeh i got a job ay workin now i have money put away im growing up its scary i remember my first day in yr 7 my first subject was science and i was scared of you matt it was funny, then you turned out to be the best teacher in the school you fixed my life for me if it was not for you i think i would have continued the stupid thing i was doin (cuttin wrists member stupid me i cant belive i did that) and i may not be here now if you didnt help me i never got to thank you proply so THANKYOU it means a lot to me.
well sorry its a long one i hope you both have the time of your life i really miss you matt. hopefully when you get back you two can both come and visit. i cant wait to meet you pippa.

well merry christmas and a happy new year
love kaylie

by kaylie

Hey Matt and Pippa,

We both hope you had a lovely Christmas Vanuatu style. Missing you heaps and keep having fun. Love Kel and Warren

by kelnwaz

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