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Watch out for the sand people

Yes for all those dedicated fans that was a Star Wars reference, inspired by the landscape around the Volcanoes in the centre of Ambrym Island.

We decided this time to attempt to camp between Ambryms twin Volcanoes on top of the ash plain and do the trek in 2 days. The weather was quite hot and our packs were much heavier than last time. It took us 5 hours of hard slog to reach the awe-inspiring view at the top of Mt Marum – we were blessed with clear weather again! As we were getting close to Mt Marum we heard a loud rumbling quite like thunder. We thought a storm was coming…but when we reached the top we realised that it was bursts of hot gas roaring out of one of the Volcano vents.

almost there.jpg
(Almost there)

the crater.jpg
(Inside the crater – the small hole in the centre is the place where the roaring sound was coming from)

silly photo.jpg
(We made it!)

walking ar.. crater.jpg
(Walking around the edge of the crater of Mt. Marrum)

We continued our journey to the other side of Mt Marum towards Mt Benbow volcano. The ash plain was a scene straight out of star wars…big boulders, stark landscape, no trees, and mountainous backdrops. There was even a small hot vent that was emitting steam, like a scene from an early science fiction movie…or ‘lost in space’. It was really hot when you put your hand up close.

towards mt benbow.jpg
(Mt. Benbow in the Background)

moon scape.jpg
(A scene straight out of Star Wars)

As we approached Mt Benbow the billowing clouds of gas and steam rose above us from this very active Volcano. We were planning to walk right up to the crater of Mt. Benbow, a little scary with so much activity….but our guide couldn’t find the path to get to the top. Instead we decided to camp between the two Volcanoes and then head back the way we had come in the morning. We were a little disappointed about having to retrace our steps!

(Our campsite – total silence accompanied us once we’d settled in for the night)

During the night it began to rain and by morning the whole scene had changed. We were clouded in which made the trip home much cooler, but also gave the landscape a more eerie look.

through the mist.jpg
(Walking home through the mist)

Unfortunately as we set out for the second days walk, Pippa’s feet were in agony. She had at least 10 blisters by this time. Although it was extremely painful, somehow she managed to walk the 15km back to our bungalows!!!

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