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April 2006

New abode

We are back on Ambrym after a 3 week stint in Port Vila. It is nice to be back on the island after living the hustle and bustle of the capital city. Matt spent the 3 weeks editing a curriculum resource for Live and Learn Environmental Education and Pippa spent her time talking with tour operators, meeting the new Youth Ambassador intake, producing marketing material and running errands. Although it was a lot more stressful than our island life we had a great time with our Vila family (the other volunteers).

We came back on the Pelsaert (a fast passenger ferry). This is a new service that operates between islands provided locals and tourists a more comfortable alternative to the cargo boats (ie no pigs and plush seats). It’s surprising that the price for the fair is basically the same as the smelly cargo boats! We set out at 6.30pm on Friday night and arrived at 7am on Saturday morning (twice as fast as the cargo boat). Pelsaert.jpg

We were blessed with calm seas and the clear sky gave us a great view of the twin volcanoes of Ambrym.

volcanoes from boat.jpg
(The view from the Pelsaert – Mt Benbow is quite active at the moment with vents of steam billowing out while Mt. Marrum (on the left) is much quieter)

We were weary and tired on our arrival as we both had just a few hours sleep on the boat. We trudged up the hill but our spirits were lifted when we saw our new abode, complete with deluxe decking, mozzie screens, curtains, bed, tables and shelves. We set about moving in at once and by the end of a tiring day we collapsed onto our comfy bed for our first night in our new home.

A few hours in to our sleep we woke to find we had slid down the bed and both our legs were hanging over the end. This may have been due to the more than 10 degrees slope of the floor! A few blocks of wood to chock up one end soon resolved this issue and we had good nights sleep ever since.

We’re also really enjoying having our own kitchen (no more sharing with tourists) and spending hours on the balcony working, eating and relaxing.

outside house.jpg

pip on verandah.jpg
(Taem blong spel – Pippa enjoying an evening rest)

(Ples blong slip - Our bedroom complete with solar powered fan and reading light)

(Ples blong kakai - Our very own kitchen!)

It’s hard to believe we are more than half way through our placement. It seems that the locals are starting to realise our time here is short and are really taking advantage of our skills. As well as continuing on with our tourism project, we are now offering English training once a week, teaching music to the school and giving computer lessons to those interested.

During our stint in Port Vila we had to say goodbye to a few of our volunteer friends who had to return to Australia. We got a bit teary to see them go and it made us think of our own departure in 6 months and how hard it will be to say goodbye to all these beautiful people.

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